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Photo’s courtesy of Mission Community Archives and Mark Hemrich

Assistant Bookkeeper


  • Assist the accounting department to ensure proper maintenance of all accounting systems and functions.
  • Prepare and distribute all company memos.
  • Verify, adjust as required and post all accounts payable and receivable.
  • Data import of all freight waybills.
  • Post payments for all account’s receivables.
  • Complete the accounts receivable invoicing and all essential reports.
  • Client Services
  • Sensitively handle all confidential materials
  • Incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Assist answering customer calls when the lines are busy
  • Prepare the daily deposit
  • Maintain a current position of accounts receivable by following up with customers on a weekly basis. Report any anomalies to Accounts Manager.
  • Prepare customer reports as needed.
  • Provide customers PODs or any additional information about order inquiries
  • Reply to all inquiries on a Sameday basis, if more time is required inform the inquirer of such.
  • Maintain accurate and complete employee files
  • Enter and organize important work-related internet bookmarks that will assist in your job, ie. BackCheck, Drive BC, etc.
  • Keep your desk in an organized fashion so that if someone needs to step in while you are away can figure out your processes.
  • Use your Outlook calendar to enter and organize the company’s events and to do list.
  • Keep your emails organized and in labelled folders. The only thing that should be in the inbox is current uncompleted same day tasks.
  • Created labelled folders in your Documents for important files. We need to ensure easy access to them. All files should be kept there to easily retrieve at any time.
  • Verify order pricing and billing customer is accurate on a daily basis
  • Process credit card payments
  • Additional out of office training as required
  • Maintain an accurate log of all passwords and login criteria and ensure Office Manager has a copy.
  • Communicate with Dispatch Manager about any administration requirements that may interfere with customer service
  • Communicate with customers, managers, and team members about any issues when required
  • Assist Dispatch when required
  • Other duties from time to time as required
Salary: $17.00 to $21.00 /hour