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The Mission Community Foundation believes in a simple concept we "help you to help others".

Our mission is to bring together generous benefactors and the strength of our community to enable the disbursement of scholarships, bursaries and grants for Mission citizens.

We do this with a core group of volunteers who sit on our Board and various committees. These individuals contribute their time and expertise to help the Mission Community Foundation grow and remain viable in our community. Our Board of Directors has a combination of elected individuals as well as appointed representatives from the District, Chamber, Community Services, SD#75 and Fraser Valley Regional District and this combination ensures we always have a pulse on our communities needs.

The other side is our benefactors, without whom, we would not be here. We work with people and organizations to ensure their charitable dollars go to a cause that is important to them; scholarships for students or grants for organizations. When there are challenges with CRA regulations we work with you to find a solution.

If you are interested in donating your time or funding, please contact our Executive Director at 604-826-5322.


2018 Scholarship recipients
2018 Some of our Benefactors
2018 G.W. Cooke recipients